Today we are focusing again on the Agrimax family, the BKT tire range specifically designed for the most demanding farming needs.

Farmers know very well how important it is to have versatile tires that are good for soil tillage operations as well as on the road. All of this is possible with Agrimax RT 657, the ideal solution for those who are looking for a reliable and versatile tire offering extraordinary performance. Let’s get to know it better!

Keywords: comfort & reliability

If you work on a tractor every day, you surely know that driving comfort is a must.

The peculiar tire tread pattern and the resistant tire structure guarantee an excellent stability and durability level, both in the fields and on the road. The special lug design along with the extra tread depth ensure extraordinary grip and high flotation for rapid transition from the field to the road, enriching your performance with better maneuverability and thus making them much more valuable. 

In terms of reliable performance, the special compound also gives its precious contribution. This is a new formula deriving from great field experience, which allowed BKT to identify all tire risk factors and therefore develop an unrivalled compound capable of countering them. This turns into a considerable extension of the tire life-cycle as well as into a significant reduction of operating costs.

What else? Apart from these essential qualities, let us also mention high speed, high load capacity, and maximum gentleness to the soil in order to limit soil compaction.

As a confirmation of this tire’s versatility, we should note that some Agrimax RT 657 sizes are also suitable for vineyard harvesting: they are thin, agile and highly performing among vineyards.

What do you think about it? Could it work for you? Visit our website and discover all details!