Welcome back, dear readers! Today we are presenting you Multimax MP 522, a multi-purpose radial tire developed for manifold agro-industrial applications. This tire proves to be strong, aggressive and tireless on any terrain! Hard to believe? Let’s take a closer look.

All “roads”…

Multimax MP 522 is a really versatile tire suitable for different kinds of surfaces, including uneven roads. Specifically designed for backhoe loaders, compact loaders and telehandlers, this tire is suitable for all digging and loading operations.  

Whether your job is in agriculture or an industrial environment, Multimax MP 522 ensures excellent performance in any conditions. It’s the right response to any agro-industrial need and requirement.

…lead to Multimax MP 522

But what are the features and advantages of Multimax MP 522? Let’s have a look at its profile!


A really tenacious and forceful tire. The special reinforced tread design provides extraordinary grip making the tire suitable for many challenging conditions.

Strong, sturdy and resistant

Multimax MP 522 is a heavy-duty tire for any conditions: strength, resistance and durability are its winning features. From a technical point of view, this tire has a reinforced steel-belted nylon casing that allows to carry heavy loads at high speed. Its sturdy structure makes it highly resistant to cuts and punctures and provides also excellent wear resistance. All in all, the ideal solution for the toughest operations.


A tenacious, untiring tire with reinforced shoulder and bead. Multimax MP 522 ensures outstanding traction on all surfaces. As vehicle downtime is significantly reduced, your company can maximize profitability.

Available in 6 different sizes, Multimax MP 522 is your ideal partner for any operating conditions! What do you think? Keen on trying it out?