Dear readers, today we are coming back to the industrial world with an extraordinary tire, specifically conceived for telehandlers. With Multimax MP 527, BKT intends to meet the demand of a rapidly evolving market, which asks for telehandlers with higher load capacity, as compared to previous machinery. In this context, ensuring reliability, stability and a good degree of comfort are the key-qualities to maximize both efficiency and productivity.

Let’s now consider this tire’s features in detail!

Aggressive and resistant – anytime and anywhere!

Multimax MP 527 is the perfect radial multipurpose tire for telehandlers in the industrial sector. Durability and resistance to punctures, cuts and tears are a powerful combination of qualities, which allows getting over the most adverse conditions occurring during these activities, with no consequences at all.

Let’s look at some of the technical peculiarities that make this tire absolutely aggressive!

  • Aggressive tire tread, strong sidewall

The aggressive tire tread design ensures excellent traction also under extreme operating conditions, and the strong sidewall completes the tire’s quality profile, guaranteeing stability when in lift mode.

  • Compound conceived for top resistance

 Multimax MP 527 has been developed with a special compound that protects the tire from any puncture, impact or tear whatsoever. This is the “magic formula” for a much longer tire life-cycle and, thus, for greater productivity.

  • Strong and resistant casing

The casing, too, contributes to strengthening Multimax MP 527: strong and resistant, it protects the equipment from inevitable side impacts that are typical of these applications.

What do you think about it? Try it on your telehandler!