Dear readers, if you’ve had the nice experience of visiting Bauma, the most prestigious international trade show on earthmoving, construction, industrial and mining machinery and vehicles, then you have definitely seen at close range the tire we are focusing on today.

We are talking of Portmax PM 90, the new BKT radial tire designed for reach stackers employed in port applications.

This tire was truly successful in Munich, and now we are ready to reveal you all its secrets.

The top for industrial handling

Robust, durable, resistant: these are the essential features of Portmax PM 90.Specifically designed for reach stackers carrying out port container handling operations, this tire stands out for its excellent stability and significant fuel-saving properties, which are absolutely necessary in intermodal transport.

As you surely know, in port logistics it is crucial to guarantee the maximum stability in heavy load handling activities. Portmax PM 90 solves your problems, thanks to its All Steel structure with multi-layer steel belts, which make the casing more robust and contributes to a better load distribution on the surface.

Resistant and fuel-saving

This tire is incredibly resistant against cuts, abrasions and tears. What makes it so resistant? Thanks to a specific process, BKT experience has developed a special tire tread compound, which provides a longer product life-cycle and makes it possible for users to replace tires less frequently. Moreover, this tire offers an excellent price-quality ratio, thanks to its low rolling resistance, which contributes to reducing fuel consumption.

For all these reasons, Portmax PM 90 is the top in the port logistics sector. What are you waiting for? Test this incredibly resistant tire straightaway!