Back again, dear readers, to say hello to RT 857, the perfect agro-industrial tire for transport, tilling and cultivation operations as well as grape harvesting.

If any of these applications is your case, here we go! We won’t waste your time chatting around, but directly get into the features of this very versatile product!

Many benefits for the agro-industrial field

Since you are always the center of our attention, we do our best to make your wishes and needs possible.  So, how has RT 857 come to life? Well, basically, we wanted to produce a very resistant tire offering riding comfort both on the road and in the fields. But that’s not all. We also wanted to offer you a tire able to agilely move in between the green rows in vineyards. Do you feel we did it? Let’s find out more about this product’s features:

  • Road-oriented. This tire is suitable for a versatile usage on any terrain, for wine harvesting, but above all for a 75% road usage. Oh yes, RT 857 is well able to face even longer daily transfers from the field to the road and vice versa.
  • Traction. Perfect for tractors and grape harvesters. RT 857 combines top efficiency and excellent traction. This is a great plus for both your vehicle and your yield.
  • Self-cleaning. RT 857 ensures best riding comfort and has great self-cleaning properties that are especially appreciated when moving from one job to another – whether it is in the fields or on the road. Thanks to the strong polyester-belted casing, excellent puncture resistance is ensured.
  • Cut and chip resistance. RT 857 is made of a special tread compound that allows for facing many adversities or impacts. Actually, it has a great resistance against cuts and chips that might be caused from stubbles on the terrain.

To put it in a nutshell, one tire for many applications to best suit your manifold requirements. Go to the BKT wbsite to find out more about the available sizes.

Made in BKT: RT 857 2