The brand new size is already available, the 525/65 r 20.5 for ridemax fl 699 which goes to join the existing 24 r 20.5. This is to satisfy the very specific needs of end users.

RIDEMAX FL 699 is a flotation product for agricultural trailers and tankers which combines two fundamental characteristics:

  • an all steel structure which enables high load capacities, thus reducing the number of transport cycles
  • a reinforced bead which guarantees stability even at high speeds and ensures a comfortable ride which offers safety and control.

RIDEMAX FL 699 is part of bkt's ridemax tire range designed for transport operations with tractors and trailers, in both agriculture and industry. It has been developed for high speeds, to support heavy loads and to reduce resistance to rolling, thus consuming less fuel. 

Product datasheet


There is a new size for RIDEMAX FL 699 2