This is BKT’s new chapter in the improvement of customer experience: starting from today, users will be able to immerse themselves even more in the BKT’s universe, thanks to the new implementation of 3D Tire models on the website!

With 3D technology available for more than 300 products, the experience becomes completely interactive and immersive: users can look at the tires from various perspectives and in the minutest detail, and choose the most suitable product for their needs.

But that's not all! Alongside the 3D models, the online experience is also enhanced by the new BKT “video pills”: through the words of BKT Experts, users will learn more about the main features of BKT’s tires and gain a much better understanding of the technology behind them and the applications they are most suitable for.

ENGAGING, INTERACTIVE, IMMERSIVE are the three pillars of BKT’s new customer experience.

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Welcome to BKT’s new 3D dimension! 2