Are you real experts in earthmoving machinery (EM)? Do you know all means used on construction sites, all machinery and applications? So, why don’t you take up the challenge and test your knowledge by means of this little EM-quiz?

1. Which of the following is not an earthmover?

  1. Dumper/Haul Truck
  2. Dozer
  3. Grader
  4. They are all earthmoving vehicles

2. Which of the following information must be included in the marking of an EM-vehicle?

  1. Operator’s name
  2. Manufacturer’s name and address
  3. Maximum speed the vehicle can reach
  4. Correct tire size

3. When inspecting the vehicle at the start of the shift, what is not recommended to be checked?

  1. Tire fitness
  2. Correct functioning of sound and light signals
  3. Fuel level
  4. Vehicle structure integrity

4. Which of the following equipment cannot be applied to an excavator?

  1. Orange-peel bucket
  2. Basket
  3. Forks
  4. Hook

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