Welcome back, dear friends! Have you ever considered renting a tractor or other pieces of machinery to do a better job? If the answer is yes, well done! According to a recent research by the European Commission, rental could be the key to reaching the target of a circular economy that improves sustainability. How is that possible? Let’s find out together!  

Why renting a piece of machinery? The five main reasons  

Why do you think that the European Union promotes the idea of renting machinery?

1. Equipment sharing

A company that rents equipment can have access to the machinery whenever they need it. The centralized property management enables to use the equipment for a longer period of time and to improve efficiency.

2. Reparability

Choosing machinery requiring only a little and easy maintenance has a positive effect on the machinery life-cycle, and favors the circular economy. That’s why rental companies always try and have robust and quality equipment available, which reduces the number of malfunctions and standardize the types of intervention. 

3. Use of energy resources

Reducing the consumption of energy resources is essential if companies want to optimize their operating costs. Seen from this angle, the efficiency of your machinery depends on two fundamental factors: product design and product usage.

Rental companies are always looking for new, more sustainable and safe solutions. They also offer some training days to help customers to discover all the equipment’s secrets.

4. Reusability

Once dismantled, the components of the rented machinery are reusable. The concept of rental is closely related to the idea of avoiding waste.

5. Recyclability

Rental companies see to repair their machinery. But what if nothing can be done anymore? At the end of the machinery life-cycle these companies provide for recycling the parts. And we all know...recyclability is the keystone of the circular economy.

Have you seen how many opportunities and useful practice machinery rental can offer? And so, do you think it’s a good thing?