Technology and electronics have been influencing every aspect of our life: they are changing our habits and daily routines. Not even agriculture has been spared by this revolution. Technical innovation is leading to always major mechanization. The progressive development of electronic devices and systems is changing the way we work. It is the basis of the so-called precision agriculture. What exactly is it about? Let’s try and go further into it.

On the Web, precision agriculture is defined as a farming management concept based on the use of electronics and modern tools and technologies for the main agronomic actions such as fertilization, seeding, irrigation and harvesting. It takes into account the effective needs of crops and the biochemical soil features. That sounds like science fiction, but it’s real! 
For several years, electronics has been employed in agriculture. Starting from small applications to ease the work followed by miniaturized components brought to perfection, it is becoming more and more widely used. 

For instance, we all rely on electronic assistance systems installed in the cabs of tractors and agricultural machinery. These make our life easier, controlling most of the functions: from the engine to the transmission system, from the hydraulic lift valves to front traction control or differential lock. 

Yet, precision agriculture goes much beyond. It actually allows to interface with the machine more than ever. Nowadays, state-of-the-art tractors are equipped with touch screen and USB ports for file reading. They are connected to the internet and provided with a GPS satellite navigation systems. The displays installed in the cabin offer a more intuitive and more effective operation control method, so that one can focus on other processes. Besides, proximity sensors and video cameras help and assist during maneuvering on the field, facilitating the management of quite bulky farming machinery or agricultural trailers. 

We from BKT, as a component manufacturer for your tractors, believe that precision agriculture is the natural result of continuous technological development. In the course of history, technology has actually evolved and changed due to innovation, first of mechanical and now of digital kind. We are sure that the tools used by today’s farmers as well as innovation in this sector cannot but lead to continuous improvement in terms of both quality and concrete fruits of labor.
What do you think? 
Do you feel safe on board of a tractor assisting you during your ride? Or, do sensors, displays and video cameras in the cab make you nervous?
How can technology really ease the farmer’s work? Tell us your ideas!