Do you remember when we focused on soil compaction? Today, we are going a step further, suggesting you the six best techniques to preserve the land, in spite of erosion and environmental devastations that kept occurring with the transition from the old to the new century.

Soil erosion is the most relevant damage factor for agriculture. Right under our feet, there is a vibrant activity ongoing: precious nutrients, organic matter and microorganisms that support the entire planet’s life. Soil is a primary resource that we must absolutely protect. Let’s see together how!

The six best ways to fight against erosion

Healthy and productive agriculture is directly proportional to a healthy soil. How to have fertile and productive soils? How to avoid erosion? Please read here!

  • Crop rotation: since ancient times, various techniques have been adopted to avoid excessive soil use. Rotation consists in subsequently growing different crops on the same field. Its purpose is to preserve the soil fertility and productivity for a long time.
  • Strip cropping: crops may be grown in alternating, parallel strips, in which the sowing will then be carried out. This technique helps soil warming and easier water absorption, creating an ideal environment for germination.
  • Terraces: this technique is used to prevent rainfall runoff on sloping land. Rainfall accumulation causes serious soil erosion problems. Terraces are created by removing soil strips running parallel to the contour lines, thus transforming the natural slope into a step following the terrain topography. This method allows better soil and water management, improves the land access, and facilitates agricultural operations.
  • Breeding control: livestock overgrazing, particularly concerning goats and sheep, is a factor to keep under control.
  • Construction of dams: soil erosion can be largely avoided by building dams across rivers. They contain river wash and control the water speed, preserving the soil.
  • Plowing in the right direction: plowing the terrain perpendicularly to the wind direction reduces its speed, protecting the upper soil layers from erosion.

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