As you know, BKT tires are entirely manufactured in India. To satisfy your growing needs in always more performing specialist tires, not only have we increased production plants in number and size over the years, but we have also intensified and diversified operations and processes. If you wish to gain some deeper insights into our organizational structure you can take a look at our overview of production and office facilities.


Bhuj (Western India/Gujarat)

Opened in 2013, our most recent production site represents the state of the art in modern industrial plants. After several extensions, the site stretches today over an area of 325 acres and will reach its full production output of over 320 MT a day or not less than 140,000 MT a year by 2025. The site enjoys a geographically strategic position near major communication roads and commercial ports in order to deliver products in the shortest possible time. The Bhuj production site is a modern industrial complex hosting a large variety of additional facilities.


R&D Center

Officially inaugurated in 2017, the Center has been named “Suresh Poddar Innovation Hub” in honor of Suresh, the eldest of the Poddar brothers. It is situated within an area of 25 acres called the “Mahabirprasad Poddar Knowledge Center” (MPKC) in remembrance of BKT’s highly esteemed founding father, late Mr. Mahabirprasad Poddar. Every year, BKT brings from 60 to 80 new products or new tire sizes to global markets thanks to extensive R&D, product design and product development activities.

Testing Ground

Close to the R&D Center, there is a modern testing track for tire performance tests simulating real usage conditions. Six are the testing tracks, including a 7-m-wide asphalt track and a 5-m-wide concrete track with an inclination of 4°.

Carbon Black Plant

In 2019, we started our in-house production of carbon black as vertical integration upstream the tire manufacturing process. Stretching over an area of about 19 acres, the carbon black plant will reach its full production capacity of 140,000 MT/year by the end of 2020.

About 50% of our carbon black pigments are used within our own manufacturing process, whilst the other half is sold on the market. The carbon black production area includes a specific R&D Center “XXX” to optimize the integration of the several carbon black grades within our compounding processes.


A large area including many social and service facilities such as a hospital, a fire brigade station, a large recreational center, a school, a guest house, and a canteen kitchen is home to 406 families, the number of which will soon grow to 800 with the enlargement of the colony. The area also includes 200 bachelor apartments and a plantation of 50,000 trees.

Aurangabad (Western India/Maharashtra)

BKT’s first production plant opened in 1988. After the initial production of conventional tires for smaller vehicles on local markets, in 1995 the production of Off-Highway tires for international markets started off. Presently, the site has a surface of 10 acres and a yearly production capacity of 30,000 MT.

As to expansion projects underway, the plant will be completely rebuilt on a 38-acre site at about 5 km away from the current location by  2021. The new site will also host a large warehouse along with a cogeneration plant for energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

Bhiwadi (North India/Rajasthan)

Built on a surface of over 12 acres, this production site was set up in 2002. Thanks to its fully-automated tire building machines, it has reached a yearly production output of approximately 50,000 MT.

Dombivali (north of Mumbai/Western India/Maharashtra)

By setting up a tire mold plant in 2004, we gained major autonomy as well as enhanced production and final product control. Around 300 molds a year are presently manufactured here. Our in-house mold production has enabled us to quickly develop new tires or prototypes without depending on external suppliers.

Chopanki (near Delhi, Northern Rajasthan)

In 2006, a third production site covering an area of 24 acres was set up as a pilot plant for All Steel radials. After the transfer of the entire All Steel OTR line to Bhuj, today’s production output is about 50,000 MT a year consisting mainly in AG bias tires.


Four subsidiaries and business units in Europe and North America provide BKT headquarters in Mumbai with support in sales and marketing activities as well as technical customer service: BKT Europe S.r.l. in Seregno, Italy; BKT Tires USA Inc. in Akron, Ohio; BKT Tires (Canada) Inc. in Toronto, Ontario.

BKT Europe

After modernization and expansion works to redesign the entire office complex from a functional point of view, BKT entered the Next Level in April 2019 inaugurating new European headquarters in Seregno, Italy stretching over a total surface of 4,000 square meters.

These modern offices are the place where the company’s worldwide marketing and communication activities as well as the global sponsorship strategies are developed and coordinated, and the European OEM segment is managed. Moreover, a new warehouse with a total surface of 3,000 m2 and a storage capacity of 40 containers (equaling to approx. 8,000 pieces or 320-350 MT) has been specifically built for providing Europe-based Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with tires on a first-in first-out basis.


Within the office complex, BKT SPACE is a masterpiece in terms of advanced digital technology, ranging from interactive led walls and multi-touch screen solutions to Virtual Reality simulations for the purpose of conveying any aspect of our company. BKT SPACE symbolizes an endless loop where past, present, and future converge in one dimension. A journey through time and space telling the story of BKT, its products and values. BKT SPACE tells and let you discover manifold facets of BKT. It is a place designed for sharing senses, emotions, and knowledge by immersing in a peerless and charming universe.

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