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Having a chat with…Servizio & Qualità

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Today we are going to tell you the story of one of our customers: Giuliano Oldani, a farming contractor in Italy, who uses our Agrimax Force

Hi again! Also today we are going to tell you the story of one of our customers: Giuliano Oldani, a farming contractor in Italy. He owns the company Servizio & Qualità, which offers full service for farmers as a contractor.

Aiming at the best service to customers, the company has a very large fleet of vehicles and machinery for the most differing tilling operations on a surface of more than 4,000 hectares. For this reason, performance in the fields must go along with the need for long road transfers for about 80 km round to reach the several lots of land.

In such a context, of course, it is the tires playing a central role: on the one hand, they should care the land - on the other hand, they should be resistant and suitable for longer road travels.

“The perfect response to our needs is Agrimax Force. At the moment, the tires are fitted on two of our high-power tractors - and well, what can I say - we are really satisfied: the low inflation pressure of these tires is essential for having respect to the land,” Giuliano Oldani, the company owner, says. “Another important thing is that the tire has a very resisting casing for a longer tire life. This means, we can travel a lot on the road as well.”

“Based on what I have seen, BKT tires are top quality products offering a long tire life along with a competitive price,” Oldani adds. “The tires actually have an excellent quality-price ratio. This makes things much easier as tires are becoming one of the most important items for farming contractors.”

Agrimax Force is BKT’s top-of-the-range tire, which we have specially developed for high-power tractors (over 250 horse power). It has been designed based on a further development of the IF technology for the purpose of offering operators major load capacity at lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size. The large and uniform footprint area ensures best traction and stability in addition to a homogeneous weight distribution on the land resulting in less soil compaction.

“In over 40 years of experience, we have tried a large number of tires from several brands, of course, finding out that there are excellent but also less advantageous products. So, we have started to prefer some brands to others,” Oldani states. “Our experience with BKT tires is definitely positive. I am sure, I will recommend the product to others: at this point, we consider ourselves regular customers!”

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