And the TOTY 2022 goes to… | BKT proud sponsor of Tractor of the Year

And the TOTY 2022 goes to… | BKT proud sponsor of Tractor of the Year

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BKT are proud to be the official sponsor for the Tractor of the Year Awards 2022. BKT and TOTY are a renowned innovation match, and we're so excited to celebrate the very best European tractors!

One of the most prestigious awards of the agricultural industry is the TOTY – Tractor of the Year, and BKT is the official sponsor for the second year.

Are you excited to know the winners of the Tractor of the Year award 2022? Of course, you are!

Each year, the TOTY award is given to the best European tractors, and this year the award ceremony was held at EIMA in Bologna on October 19th. BKT is excited to publish this year’s winners of Tractor of the Year (TOTY) 2022. The winners by category are:

Tractor of the Year 2022 is John Deere with the model 7R 350 AutoPowr
Best Utility 2022 is John Deere with the model 6120M AutoPowr
Best of Specialized 2022 is Reform with the model Metrac H 75 Pro
Sustainable TOTY 2022 is New Holland with the model T6.180 METHANE POWER


The agriculture of tomorrow is here

The winners were selected, as always, by a jury of 26 experts in agricultural mechanization gathered to pick out the best of the best of tractors in the European market. The jury has a difficult task, as there are so many high-quality tractors in the market.

This year’s edition has indeed set some impressive companies and models in the spotlight, with very inspiring solutions. BKT extends its warmest congratulations to all participants and to the winners for raising the bar further. Once more!

Tractor of the Year is exactly the “place” where you can see the very latest tractor models and technologies. In short, it is where the future of agriculture is being made.

It will be exciting to see how tractor concepts will evolve in TOTY 2023 and we are already looking forward to next year’s competition!


BKT and TOTY – an innovation match

BKT matches perfectly with TOTY, because of its approach towards the future, through quality, efficiency, sustainability and, of course… innovation.

BKT is committed and excited to support an award such as TOTY, proud to be promoting the agricultural mechanization of tomorrow and to help making it happen.

A tractor must match with the perfect agricultural tires as well to be effective, sustainable and offer the best possible performance. Tires are the instruments that “transform” tractor power into traction onto the ground. 

BKT never gets tired of saying that: there are many different types of tractor tires, and choosing the right tire for your tractor is essential for assuring its best performance.

Especially if your tractor is an Oscar winning one!

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