Monster Jam: breathtaking stunts 1

Monster Jam: breathtaking stunts

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Have you ever heard someone talking of Monster Jam trucks? In this post you'll see them performing the most spectacular acrobatic stunts.

Have you ever heard someone talking of Monster Jam trucks? These extraordinary, monster-like vehicles with their giant tires  fascinating everyone from big to small.

These technologically advanced awesome vehicles weigh up to 4 tons and are up to 3 meters tall. They are equipped with powerful suspension systems and giant tires showing diameters of around 1.70 meters. The latters are specially designed by BKT, the official and exclusive tire manufacturer of Monster Jam till 2018.

Every year, Monster Jam trucks are the stars in thrilling shows: there are more than 300 stages during the Monster Jam Tour. At every event, the public gets excited and electrified watching the breathtaking stunts: Monster Truck perform spectacular high-flying jumps over distances of up to 40 meters in length and 7 meters in height when finding their way through – and often crashing into - the obstacles on the track: cars, trucks, busses and other vehicles.

So, let us give you a little foretaste of what is happening in the arenas all over the world. Ready for action? 

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