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Monster Jam: how does the show work?

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What happens during a Monster Jam show? We are going to answer the five most common questions, trying to give you a complete picture of this amazing show!

Every year, there are 300 Monster Jam shows all over the world! An exciting experience if you are fond of motorsports. Watching these enormous vehicles in action will let you stunned. 

Yet, what really happens during the show? In this post, we are going to answer the five most common questions, trying to give you a complete picture of the amazing world of Monster Jam!

1. What’s Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is a sport competition where monster trucks face off in specially equipped stadiums or arenas. Amazing jumps, impressive braking actions, breathtaking turns and stunts enthuse the audience. Surges of adrenaline and fun are ensured.   

2. What kind of competitions are there?

Basically, there are two types of competitions that monster truck drivers face demonstrating their extraordinary talents and skills: Racing and Freestyle.  In the side-by-side racing, it is all about speed. The monster truck, who first crosses the finish line, moves on to the next round. There are always two options – you win and go on, or you are eliminated. The freestyle competition instead - that’s probably the most thrilling part – is challenging for both trucks and drivers. Each driver shows their most breathtaking stunts jumping over and maneuvering around cars, busses, boats and even airplanes showing up on the track. And sometimes – wow, it’s hard to believe – they virtually crash through the obstacles. If you want to see a selection of the most extraordinary stunts, take a look here.

3. How big are monster trucks?

Bulldozer, Devastator, Superman, El Toro Loco: the combat names of these trucks already give you an idea of their size. More than 3 meters high, these huge vehicles reach 4 tons of weight and are equipped with extraordinarily powerful tires – up to 1.70 m in diameter – specially designed and purpose-built by BKT, the official and exclusive tire manufacturer of Monster Jam till 2018.

4. Can we get a close look at trucks and drivers?

Paying a little extra to the ticket price, everyone can have access to the Pit Party and venture into the lion’s den.  Here you can meet your favorite drivers, get autographs, ask questions and marvel the true stars of the show. You can even take a close look at the dangerous obstacles they will jump over in the competitions.  

5. Is it possible to record the show?

All fans can take pictures and record videos keeping them as an amazing souvenir of the show. However, it is not permitted to copy or use them for commercial purposes.

Ready to get your fill of energy and suspense? An astonishing, unique and thrilling event you can share with your family and friends of any age! Surf through our videogallery, take a look at the shows and stay tuned. We are going to disclose more secrets about the world of Monster Jam over the next few weeks! 

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