Xtractor: charity stops 1

Xtractor: charity stops

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The Xtractor expedition was marked by the relation between man and nature, care for the environment but also solidarity. Here are the two projects we worked on to improve local people’s living conditions.

Our adventure in South Africa has come to its end. A 49-day lasting expedition marked by the relation between man and nature, care for the environment but also solidarity. Intense emotions, true stories, enormous difficulties, and amazing surprises: all these have been the distinguishing marks of Xtractor 2018 travelling over 7,900 km across the country from Cape Town to Pretoria. To confirm the initiative’s deeply humanitarian aspect is the co-operation of Amref, the largest non-profit organization in the Health sector, which has given us the opportunity by means of this docu-reality show to leave a concrete mark of our journey in South Africa. How did this happen, you ask? Let’s find out together!

An expedition marked by solidarity

This edition will certainly remain in the heart of so many thanks to its strong charity message, and in particular two projects to improve local people’s living conditions:

  1. A vegetable garden at Ephraim Mogale. In this community near Polokwane, the team has first visited the clinic for maternal and infant’s health managed by Amref. Then, by means of the latest-generation McCormick tractors fitted with BKT tires, a vegetable garden was created for the purpose of improving the nutrition of mothers and children at the medical practice.

  1. A football pitch in Sebokeng. At this location, the caravan reached the local High School, where Amref has conceived and managed the Healthy Lifestyle Project, an initiative aiming at teaching children the benefits of sport. Right for this reason, the Xtractor team has built a 100m x 50m large football pitch. The king of football-freestyle, Iya Traorè, was present at the official inauguration. A special moment for these teenagers watching the jaw-dropping stunts of this special guest at BKT events worldwide. They were also happy to receive 500 footballs signed by the company as a gift.

It was an experience that meant a lot to us since it was perfectly in line with our values. It actually highlighted all peculiarities of the farming world, which is really close to our hearts. In addition, we had the opportunity to support charity projects and to provide concrete aid to people in need.

If you wish to experience this adventure again, just follow us on our official social channels Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn – or on the website http://xtractor.bkt-tires.com/.

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