BKT astonishes at The Tire Cologne 2018
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BKT astonishes at The Tire Cologne 2018

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What will we display at The Tire Cologne? An astonishing huge Plexiglas® dumper and cutting-edge tires for the agricultural, industrial, OTR and construction sectors. Learn more here.

At The Tire Cologne 2018, one of the major international trade shows for the tire sector, the motto of the BKT booth is “astonishment”! An astonishing huge Plexiglas® dumper of about 6.5 tons, a crystal-clear tractor weighing 1.500 kg, an extraordinary deployment of cutting-edge tires for the agricultural, industrial, OTR and construction sectors.  Do you really think that’s all? Far from it! Not to be missed the many gadgets to win, enthusiasm and much fun and entertainment at our extraordinary booth of more than 500 sqm. Ready to find out all the details of this exciting event? Let’s go!

Huge, green, and crystal clear – simply astonishing!

What else could we have expected from BKT at this first edition of The Tire Cologne? Astonishment and superlatives!

Here are some of the attractions you shouldn’t miss at our booth:

  • A brand-new giant Dumper on a 1:1 scale in Plexiglas built on an iron bearing structure with 68  connection elements and 530 Nylon turned spacers linking the 127 laser-cut sheets in Plexiglas (4 tons) with a total weight of 6.5 tons. This awesome giant has been fitetd with 6 Earthmax SR 45 M tires, specially designed for rigid dumpers, featuring an All Steel casing, an extra-deep E-4 tread and a special cut resistant compound.
  • If you are an attentive follower, you’ll probably have seen it at SIMA and Agritechnica. You got it, what it is about? It’s our awesome translucent tractor made of 1.500 kg of Plexiglas and equipped with Agrimax V-Flecto. This innovative tire is a winning mix of different technologies to improve the performance of latest-generation tractors in any field. Its special features make it the perfect response to modern farming: reduced soil compaction, less operating costs, double usage for both field and road transport without changing inflation pressure, and more load capacity (+40%) at the same pressure of a standard tire of the same size.
  • An amazing team of BKT tires are on display, too, of course. In pole position, you can see Agrimax Force and Agrimax Teris for the agricultural sector. Alongside you’ll find Con Star for machinery employed in the agro-industrial handling applications. Next comes Portmax PT 93  playing a main role in the industrial sector. And last but not least, there is  Airomax AM 27, an extraordinary tire for cranes in the construction sector. 
  • As always, BKT is going to show amazing attractions and involves all its visitors thanks to a enjoyable and entertaining atmosphere. While having fun you can easily win some of the exclusive BKT branded gadgets in addition to BKT branded bags and badge-holders.  Not to forget – but anyway difficult to be overlooked - in several outdoor spaces of the exhibition visitors can wow at the new 2018 marketing campaign “A long way together” aiming at the OTR world. 

Ready to experience this astonishing event? We’re waiting for you in Cologne from May 29 to June 1 at our booth Hall 06.1 Stand C030 D039!

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