Are you in perfect harmony with your soil?

Are you in perfect harmony with your soil?

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Are you in perfect harmony with your soil? Here’s a test to measure your true love and passion for your soil! Ready to go?

Welcome back, dear friends! Our today’s blog is for you readers who really care about your land... but are you in perfect harmony with your soil? What does it mean? Let’s find out!

Do you love your field? Are sustainable agriculture and preserving your crop yield issues that are close to your heart? If your answer is “yes”, you probably are in harmony with your soil, but … to which extent?  

Here’s a test to measure your true love and passion for your soil! Ready to go?

Five clues for living in perfect harmony with your soil

Do you think you and your field are perfect mates? Would you spend hours and hours simply looking at it? After tilling, do you watch again and again to see your crops growing healthy? Are you a Soil Lover, Fan or just a Fellow? Find it out by saying yes or no to five simple questions!

  1. When driving through the fields, do you avoid passing twice over the same area in order to reduce soil compaction, improving your crops’ yield?
  1. When taking care of and working on your land, do you never get tired keeping an eye out for roots, bulbs and any sort of living things? Do you often smile losing yourself in the scent of healthy soil that is full of life?
  1. Do you feel self-satisfied when a short time after the harvest you see the cover crops growing, which help and nourish your land for the next sowing season?
  1. Are you fiercely proud when talking to other farmers on how to increase soil productivity, making it more fertile but also more resilient to better withstand extreme events such as droughts? And also when you say that thanks to your healthy soil you can preserve a big deal of soil carbon to feed the living organism, which in turn will nourish the crops and hence sustain the world?
  1. Are you keen on promoting the advantages and benefits of healthy soil to family members, friends and whoever may be interested in?

If your answer is yes to three or more questions, congratulations! You are a TRUE SOIL LOVER living in perfect harmony with your soil! Well done! You are fully aware that the prospects of our future lie in a lively, fertile and healthy soil. Thanks to your support, the hope for a healthy soil and earth is taking roots worldwide!

If your answer is yes to two questions, you are a FAN. Without any doubt, you love your fields and take a great deal of care of them. Nonetheless, you just need to go a little further in your attitudes to become a true enthusiast and soil lover!

If you have answered yes to just one question, you are a FELLOW. Okay, you are probably worried about the health of your soil, but it’s still a long way to go before becoming a true soil lover. You are probably close to the farming world, but maybe you are new or your enthusiasm still needs to blossom!

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