Made in BKT: Agrimax Elos

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Let's have a closer look at Agrimax Elos, BKT's radial tire specially designed to enhance top traction even under muddy terrains.

Dear readers, we are pleased to present you today another member of the Agrimax family, BKT’s tire lineup designed as a response to the most particular needs of our farming friends. Let’s say hello to Agrimax Elos!

Your job is on wet terrain such as paddy fields, on muddy land or marshland? No problem for this radial tire specially designed to enhance top traction even under particular awkward operating conditions!

Wet terrains? Here’s the solution!

Day by day, wet terrains are a challenge for both farmers and tires! Damp or wet terrains are the number one enemy Agrimax Elos has to face. Under particular climate conditions, these terrains turn into mud, or even worse marshland, where keeping the tractor under control gets really tough.

Don’t worry at all! From today on, you can count on a reliable and efficient ally. Let’s find out together the features and advantages Agrimax ELos can offer.

Excellent traction

Mud has a terrible temper: it tends to stick to the tire, making it slide and skip, so that driving becomes almost impossible. That’s why Agrimax Elos has been engineered to ensure excellent traction, even on muddy terrains.

Excellent self-cleaning properties

The extra-deep tread has been specially designed to ensure extraordinary self-cleaning, an essential feature for operations on muddy land and during road transfers.


A strong casing structure optimizes farmers’ productivity. Sidewall protectors have been integrated into the design of the Agrimax Elos tire to ensure maximum efficiency, safety and protection against possible impacts or damages.

Respect for the land

How can a powerful tire provide excellent traction and be gentle at the same time? The answer is: Agrimax Elos combines resistance and flotation properties for reduced soil compaction. As we have already seen, compacted soil is a true danger for farmers’ productivity and the growth of their crops.

All in all, our tire is a true gentleman: strong and resistant but also respectful and delicate protecting and preserving crops.

So, what are you waiting for? Try it out in the fields, right now!

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