Made in BKT: Loader Special L-5

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Let’s take a closer look at Loader Special L-5, a bias-ply tire specifically designed for loaders and dozers working under extreme conditions.

Dear readers, today we are entering the world of OTR. In particular, let’s talk about loaders operating in a tough and dangerous environment. A continuous challenge not only for users, but also for tires. Isn’t this vision a nightmare: cut and worn tires, defeated by rocky and irregular terrain, where danger is waiting behind every corner?

But don’t worry guys, because Loader Special L-5 has just arrived: a bias-ply tire specifically designed for loaders and dozers. Let’s take a closer look!

Intended use

Loader Special L-5 is the ideal partner for loaders and dozers – all vehicles working under extreme conditions in extreme environments such as quarries, where tires must provide extraordinary resistance to cuts, abrasions and impacts and ensure a long tire life-cycle. You will certainly discover that Loader Special L-5 is more resistant than rock!


The heavy-duty nylon casing makes Loader Special L-5 a tough and tenacious tire able to support very heavy loads ensuring top performance. Actually the tire is highly resistant to external agents, and offers great stability and excellent traction.


Yet, Loader Special’s distinct feature is its extra deep and aggressive tread. The L-5 class means a 150% increase of tread depth compared to a standard tire. Wow! This feature really extends the tire life-cycle thanks to the excellent resistance even under the harshest operating conditions. To put it in a nutshell, all this turns into a great productive advantage for the user: Loader Special L-5 optimizes your costs and significantly reduces machine downtime.


In order to face the most severe applications, the compound has been specially formulated to make the tire highly resistant to cuts, abrasions and impacts – all dangers that can be easily found in the extreme environments where Loader Special L-5 operates.

To sum up, it actually seems that Loader Special L-5 is able to master many tough and critical situations. Try it out and you’ll see with your own eyes.

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