Made in BKT: Power Trax HD (FL)

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Power Trax HD (FL) is a strong and resistant tire, specifically designed to equip forklifts in industrial applications, warehouses and logistics centers. Let’s take a closer look at it!

Dear readers, the curtain rises for another BKT tire. Starring today is Power Trax HD (FL), a tire specifically designed for forklifts.

All the spotlights are on the tire while it faces and masters the demanding challenges of the industrial world, in warehouses and logistics centers. Let’s take a closer look at our star.

A tire full of qualities

Power Trax HD (FL) is a faultless tire: strong, resistant, designed for heavy-duty operations that only a few can face. Forklifts in industrial applications equipped with this tire give no rise to any issues. 

You ask why? For its numerous advantages, of course!

  • THE TIRE HAS A THOUSAND LIVES. A bias-ply, high-quality tire with extraordinary durability. Thanks to the deep tread, the extra-large sidewall and the particularly sturdy casing, Power Trax HD (FL) minimizes the risk of punctures and accidental damages, significantly extending its tire life-cycle.
  • IT WITHSTANDS ANYTHING! Cuts, tears and chips are nothing for Power Trax HD (FL). It features extraordinary resistance, which makes it perfect even on the hardest and roughest concrete surfaces.
  • NOT EVEN THE SIDEWALL IS AN ACHILLE’S HEEL! Examining the tire in all its parts, we can’t find any weakness. Not even the sidewall can be considered as a kind of Achille’s heel for Power Trax HD (FL). The specially designed rim guard provides protection against possible wheel damages and flats in the flange area.

Don’t you cheer for our star? Give us your feedback! 

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