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Learn more about RIB 713, the new BKT radial tire designed for agricultural implements, developed with IF technology to reduce soil compaction.

What impact has soil compaction on yields in agriculture? The answer is quite a lot! Our farming fans know all too well that hard ground compacted by heavy machinery loses fertility and that means less productivity for farms.

Yet, this is the problem modern agriculture faces today. In order to work big and productive plots of land,  always more powerful and more performing machinery is needed, which unfortunately is very heavy (carrying loads of fertilizer, seed, etc.), leaving large footprints and ruts on the land.

So, how to resolve this long-standing problem? Using the right tire made of latest technology!

Actually, to meet this kind of need, we have engineered several patterns of agricultural tires, developing a special concept of IF technology so that your implement can unleash all of its power while operating with extra care on the ground.

Today, we are featuring RIB 713: the new BKT radial tire designed for agricultural implements - developed with IF technology to reduce soil compaction.

Thanks to the IF Technology (Increased Flexion Technology), lower inflation pressure compared to a standard tire of the same size can be maintained. In combination with its wide footprint, this feature helps distribute weight evenly without impacting and compacting the soil - ideal for optimal performance. Heavier loads at a lower pressure = better soil care and higher productivity.

In addition to its delicate impact on the soil, RIB 713 is also:

  • resistant: its steel belt structure provides excellent puncture resistance protecting the tire from stem, stubble and root penetration that can cause serious damage to tires;
  • fast: featuring a D speed index, the tire reaches road speed of 65 km/h (40 mph), an essential requirement for your implement traveling from field to field;
  • long tire life: both its compound and steel structure protect the tire from punctures, extending the product life-cycle, thus maximizing the productivity of your farm.

In short, the RIB 713 tire is designed to meet your specific needs. When it comes to our tires, we constantly strive to provide the best solution for every type of job you do.

Has anyone field-tested the RIB 713 tire? Let us know how it went!

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