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Today we learn more about Ridemax FL 693 M: let's discover all its special features and introduce you to a special testimonial.

Our main focus today, dear readers, is on another top product out of the extensive BKT tire lineup: Ridemax FL 693 M. Isn’t it every operator’s dream to have a durable, resistant, and versatile tire - both in the fields and on the road? You’ll be pleased to learn about Ridemax FL 693 M, the resourceful All Steel radial tire that is part of the Flotation line and perfect for applications with trailers, tank trucks and spreaders. We’re going to tell you about all its special features and introduce you to a special testimonial.

Countless advantages for agricultural trailers

Every day, BKT thinks of you and how to make your wishes come true. What are farmers’ main expectations in terms tires? There are many possible answers to this question: resistance, versatility, productivity, efficiency, and so forth... Thanks to Ridemax FL 693 M, you can have all these performance features in just one tire.    

  • VERSATILITY. The exclusive tread design makes this tire ideal for multi-purpose usage both in the fields and on the road.  Ridemax FL 693 M can easily face all transfers between field and road.
  • ALL STEEL BELTS. The radial All Steel structure with highly resistant steel belts confers excellent stability and leads to an extended tire life-cycle.
  • COMFORT AND SELF-CLEANING PROPERTIES. Ridemax FL 693 M has outstanding self-cleaning properties and offers exceptional driving comfort - much appreciated features when changing from one operation to another, or from field to road.
  • HIGH SPEED AND SAVINGS. Reduced rolling resistance leads to fuel economy. In addition, speed index classes D/E stand for significant time savings. Thanks to these features, Ridemax FL 693 M is the perfect tire to increase efficiency in combined road-field usage.

What they say about… Ridemax FL 693 M

To give you even more insights, we’d like to introduce you one of our customers, Mr Martino Nodari, an Italian contractor and owner of the farming company Azienda Agricola Nodari. He has an extensive fleet of farming equipment including both high-power tractors and trailers. Especially for the latter, none other than today’s main player, Ridemax FL 693 M, has been chosen. 

Here’s Mr Nodari’s comment: “Many of our spreaders and tank trucks are equipped with Ridemax FL 693 M. This tire’s high load capacity, without any sign of failure, is a great advantage for our business. Just think that these tires, fitted on a three-axle tank truck carrying about 35 tons, have been able to run not less than 25,000 km - an outcome never reached before!”

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