Made in BKT: The Container King

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Discover at INTERMAT 2015 our Container King: a tire specifically engineered for for reach stackers in port handling applications.

As many of you know, our tires are used in in the most differing sectors and applications. Not only do we have a strong presence in agriculture and the earthmoving sector, we also design products for industrial applications which include cargo handling.

Talking about cargo handling, naturally the first thing that comes to mind are port applications. Have you ever observed the almost alien-like vehicles at ports all around the world that move huge containers with absolute grace and precision? That’s exactly what this post is about!

At BKT we have developed an entire range of tires for Reach Stackers and container handling vehicles. Our focus today is Container King - name not randomly selected - a tire specifically engineered for container handling.

Reach Stackers are very versatile port vehicles able to perform the most differing operations. These include empty or full container lifting and stacking, loading containers to or unloading them from vessels, trailers, or freight wagons as well as moving them vertically or horizontally, or even travelling with these loads within the port area. There is such a variety of demanding operations, and it’s right here that our tires come into play: it is actually the tires that make the difference when transporting bulky loads.

What does a port operator look for in a tire?

To do their daily job in a port environment, tires must feature three things: strength, high load capacity and stability - essential requirements for demanding lifting operations that involve heavy loads.

Yet, our Container King is ready to meet this challenge. Let's find out what its features are!

  • High performance, the land/sea ratio (full/empty) allows for excellent performance even at full load;
  • Great stability, guaranteed with the deep tread pattern and wide crown;
  • Wear and tear resistance and a long tire life, thanks to the highly resistant compound specially designed for port applications.

The Container King tire, designed in the name of stability, strength and longevity, is just what you are looking for!

If you want to see our Container King with your own eyes come to Paris! We are waiting for you at Intermat, stand D 064, Hall 5a.

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