Silence is golden | Here are BKT’s quietest agricultural tires

Silence is golden | Here are BKT’s quietest agricultural tires

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Quieter tires can help agricultural workers enjoy a more comfortable driving experience. But what’s responsible for most of the noise associated with your vehicle, and how can our specialist agriculture tires help to reduce this?

What is the quietest off-road tire? Many farmers ask themselves this question when choosing the right tire. Thanks to the study of tread design, BKT presents two tires that are optimal solutions for those looking for the quietest agricultural tires.

Tire noise is something all farmers want to avoid, right? Silent tires are often synonym of greater driving comfort. This is especially relevant when the tractor is used for transport operations over long distances.

BKT knows that using silent tires can make a difference for farmers. Therefore, we have developed two products that reduce noise emissions: AGRIMAX V-FLECTO and RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S).

Why the noise?

What causes the noise in the first place?

It is usually not the tire itself that generates the noise. It is rather the result of the relationship between the agricultural tire and the tractor, when vibration reaches high frequencies - typically around 100 Hz. This normally occurs during high-speed movements, due to resonance effects with the cabin or some other parts of the tractor.

It is also important to distinguish between two types of tire-related noise: the one generated by the tire itself, which resonates with parts of the vehicle, and the noise generated by the wear and tear of the tire’s tread.

Different kind of noise – different kinds of solutions

Why are some tires quieter than others?

Just as there are different types of tire-related noise, there are different types of solutions for reducing noise emissions. In other words, there is no universal noise-free tire, but rather, tires that reduced noise depending on different applications.

BKT offers two tires – intended for different applications and ideal for those looking for tires that guarantee lower noise emission, in addition to high-quality performance and other key characteristics, such as traction and self-cleaning, for maximum efficiency in the various processes.

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO: Optimizing the farmer’s work - quietly

AGRIMAX V-FLECTO is characterized by a different geometry of the lugs, and it is designed to improve the performance of high-power tractors. The tire’s VF technology makes it possible to maximize load without changing tire pressure.

You might ask why tire pressure matters. Well, by decreasing the pressure, the number of lugs resting on the grounds is higher, improving wear and tear and decreasing noise. On top of that, it reduces noise emission!

Several noise measurement tests have been performed, both inside tractor cab, and as the vehicle passes by. The results of these tests show a clear improvement in noise emission – at different driving speeds – compared to a standard tire of the same size.  

RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S): Meeting the needs of road transport

RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) is equipped with a tread that has been developed from a road design, where the drivability and comfort are fundamental. It is created to meet the needs of road transport, for maintenance and street cleaning operations. Quite different from AGRIMAX V-FLECTO.

The strength of RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) is the pattern originating from industrial tires, with a tread that allows for regular wear and tear, low rolling resistance, and excellent stability. It is an All Season product that can be used all year round – in snow as well as rain.

And, of course, much quieter than standard tires.

Our experts are here to assist you!

Both AGRIMAX V-FLECTO and RIDEMAX IT 697 (M+S) represent great solutions for those who are looking for quieter tires, but it is important to take into account the type of application and machinery, the expected performance, the type of soil as well as other key factors for efficient use.

Are you unsure which is the quiet agricultural tire that fits your use? BKT’s experts are here to assist you!

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