Four farming technologies coming up in 2016

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We all know that current technology can unleash agricultural productivity, increase efficiency and guarantee a sustainable future. Let's have a look at the four most interesting revolutions that will concern the agricultural world in 2016.

Dear readers, today we are going to tell you how current technology can unleash agricultural productivity. Farewell to the old peasants’ yearbooks. Today, modern farms focus on science and technology in order to change, grow in efficiency, and guarantee a sustainable future.

Here are the four most interesting revolutions that will concern the agricultural world in the course of 2016.

A mathematical revolution

Advanced mathematics is a powerful instrument to increase agricultural productivity, thanks to cutting-edge IT functions of both hardware e software.

Now, thanks to these applications, a farmer can get to know the best moment for sowing, either by searching amongst historical data, or by using simulation models.

As a matter of fact, we will be able to set conjecture aside and to take more and more knowledgeable decisions. In addition, the mathematical revolution is an excellent ally to choose the best crops in terms of performance, or to help drafting a company masterplan, from the harvest up to the market delivery.

In other words, the mathematical revolution will have a positive effect on the entire supply chain, providing more knowledgeability and wisdom as far as the choice and employment of natural resources is concerned.

A monitoring revolution

The mathematical revolution works only if high-precision data is available. How to obtain high-quality information? The answer comes from sensor technology. The most up-to-date machinery, in fact, is equipped with networks of sensors that constantly monitor the state of the terrain, as well as the health and the needs of every type of crop. The advantages are concrete: optimal irrigation, preservation of scarce resources, and maximization of yields.

Integrating with automation

Agricultural robots are more and more replacing long and boring human jobs. Combining hundreds of these highly energy-efficient robots ensures maximum precision performance in several operations, from sowing to irrigating and then harvesting.

Even if these projects are still in their testing phase, they might imply a considerable reduction of waste and occupational accidents.

New-generation corn plants

One of the most significant achievements is the development of corn hybrids, selected and adapted for the purpose of increasing the harvests in the agricultural sector. Care for the environment, biodiversity and the awareness of small farmers’ needs are the key to continuous growth, innovation, and future outlook.

Further progress and development are coming up, providing brilliant perspectives in farming. What do you think about it?

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