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How to choose the right implement?

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Six recommendations that may help you choosing the right agricultural implement for your field. Have a look on our blog!

Welcome back, dear friends! Who has never taken a decision on the spur of the moment without weighing up all aspects?  However, when it comes to choosing the right agricultural implement for your field, haste is never a good thing. Here are 6 recommendations that may help you not to take a false step. Instead, you’ll get a clearer picture of your immediate and future needs.

Six Golden Rules for the best choice

The question is, what to consider before purchasing an agricultural trailer? First of all, make sure that your option goes with your tractor, that it functions correctly, and that it is the safest and most efficient solution. We don’t have a magic wand, of course, but following these hints you will certainly avoid inconveniences in the future.

  1. Safety. Just follow the golden mean, and you’ll be fine! So, check that the implement you have in mind is neither too heavy nor too light for your tractor. Both extremes would have a negative impact on steering and your mean’s stability, putting operator’s health and safety at serious risk.
  2. Efficiency. What operations are you going to do? Matching operations to be carried out with appropriate tools is a method that leads to maximum efficiency. As before, the same principle applies. A larger piece of equipment does not necessarily go along with smart productivity, you know? The strength of your implement makes sure that your tractor will be able to carry out harder operations, on the other hand you might see a drop in overall performance.
  3. Mounting. If you take two different pieces of machinery, each one may be perfect, but perhaps they aren’t a good match. One question is: do tractor and trailer have a suitable coupling? Check this before making your choice.
  4. Guarantee. Compatibility and equilibrium are key words. Not only is the preference of an agricultural trailer, which is in line with your farming equipment’s performance, essential for your choice, but it is also in terms of guarantee. Indeed, it happens often that damages caused by mismatching pieces of equipment are not covered by the insurance policy.
  5. Applications. There is a large variety of implements and tools to satisfy every farming application’s requirements. The best thing, of course, is to drop by your farming machinery dealer and take a close look at the equipment. There you can find the answer to many of your questions, watch tutorials about usage and see technical features and test results in order to better assess all functions and adaptations for your needs.
  6. Tires. Even if it’s about agricultural trailers, tires play a key role as we at BKT are well aware of! Buy products that correspond to load/speed index classification like the original tires only.

BKT recommends… AW 711

We hope you’ll find these hints helpful! But which of our manifold tires appears to be the best for your farming implement? Without any doubt, the number one tire is AW 711, a special tire designed for agricultural trailers and implement. Extraordinary resistance, a long tire life, high productivity, and fuel savings are features making this tire a good choice that is able to considerably increase your farming business’ profits.

AW 711 is available in 6 sizes… find them out on our website!


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