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RFID Technology: Applications on Construction Sites

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Have you ever thought how RFID technology can be used in construction sites? Efficiency, safety and monitoring...let's meet the future now!

Trucks and loaders warning the operator when exceeding the speed limit; smart means, tools and equipment communicating the name of the operator and time of use...  Just imagine the big map of a construction site on a display board where you can watch live men and machinery move as well as foresee critical situations.

This isn’t  science fiction, it’s RFID Technology, i.e. Radio Frequency IDentification, a reality everyone has been talking about recently. Let’s have a closer look! 

What is RFID Technology?

Technological intelligence has reached construction sites, for supervising and monitoring both assets and activities as well as improving the prevention of work-related accidents.

RFID Technology is able to automatically identify objects, animals or people, storing the relative information that can be accessed remotely by means of readers and tags. These tags transmit the requested information via radio waves.

What does this mean, actually? Well, it means that in the near future it will be possible to constantly monitor the smooth and proper functioning of vehicles and the drivers’ behavior. Indeed, these sensor networks record each and every event which might cause an emergency, transmitting the data in real time to the monitoring center along with the geolocation signal.

All this turns into a great advantage in terms of safety and prevention on the job. RFID Technology will become a kind of guardian angel at the workplace ready to assist whenever necessary.

A concrete example

Here’s a real-life example that shows how efficiency and safety on construction site will increase, thanks to this innovative technology.

Ken Loynes, the Vice-President of WillBros T&D Services in Houston and a worldwide accepted specialist in energy infrastructures for the petrochemical industry, has focused on the high safety standards arising from RFID applications. “We are constantly looking for new ways to improve performance and safety, two key aspects in our field. Ensuring a more effective use of our equipment enables us to be more competitive, whilst safeguarding our employees due to increased safety standards. We have implemented RFID technology to meet these requirements, and thanks to the GPS modules we have been able to reach the expected safety standards. At the same time we could increase the efficiency of our equipment, and drastically reduced downtime.

RFID Technology really seems to be the key for workers’ safety in any situation. A technology that offers a tremendous potential everyone should know to stay ahead and safeguard employees.

What do you think? Have your say...future starts right here and now!


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