The best BKT tires for soil preparation

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The right tires can be your best allies during soil preparation, that's why for tillage operations to prepare the land, we recommend our Agrimax Fortis. Read more on the blog.

Preparing the soil for any tillage operation is the very first thing you do before starting a new cultivation cycle. This step is really important since it significantly and positively influences the growing up of your crops. As the saying goes: Well begun is half done!

Every farmer knows how essential it is to take care of the soil. Enriching the soil with organic fertilizers, for instance, furnishes crops with all necessary substances for their growing and developing. This turns into major productivity and yields. Just like other living beings, also plants actually need nourishment for growing up. This nourishment mainly derives right from the soil, even if over the last few years, there has been an increasing use of chemical fertilizers to enhance productivity.

Soil preparation usually starts directly after harvesting with manure spreading followed by breaking up - a method that mechanically mixes and plows the surface and deeper layers. By this way fertilizers can deeply penetrate the soil enriching it with nutrients to be absorbed by the plants during their growing stage.

Then farmers let the fields rest for several weeks (usually in winter time, depending on the geographical area and climate). In the end, the land is plowed again and made ready for the coming season’s seeding.


During this so delicate stage, our farming friends are well aware of the important role tires play. And that is right why the entire BKT staff is ready to assist you. Several times, we have had a close look at the main issues in relation to soil tillage such as soil compaction as well as tire resistance and durability. This gave us the opportunity to focus on concrete and precise solutions that are really helpful for your daily jobs.

You wonder about the outcome? You wonder which essential features a tire should have in these early preparation stages? The answer is flotation. As we already mentioned in the past, and as it is to be underlined again and again, the number one enemy of productivity in agriculture is soil compaction. For optimum soil preparation, the soil must be well ventilated, and not rutted or compacted by tractor tires. Besides, the traction of the piece of farming machinery you employ should be suitable in view of quick operations and cost-efficient in terms of energy consumptions. So, choose a good proportion according to your needs.

BKT recommends… Agrimax Fortis     

When developing a new tire, we from BKT think of all your needs as users. In particular, for tillage operations to prepare the land, we strongly recommend our Agrimax Fortis.

Specially designed for cutting-edge high-power 4WD tractors, this tire provides a series of advanced features, which are able to optimize modern farms’ productivity. These include excellent traction even on difficult terrains, extraordinary flotation properties resulting in minor soil compaction, low rolling resistance leading to fuel savings as well as less emissions into the environment. Moreover, you will enjoy the fantastic driving comfort.

Agrimax Fortis is your best partner for any soil tillage, soil treatment and plowing operations. Does this sound interesting? Find out more about all available sizes on our website.

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