Xtractor 2018 - the mission goes on

Xtractor 2018 - the mission goes on

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Xtractor, the incredible adventure of 4 McCormick tractors equipped with BKT tires, continues with a sensational journey through South Africa’s unspoiled nature.

Following an itinerary of over 6,000 km passing through national parks, along gold mines and over the spectacular African plateau, 4 McCormick tractors equipped with BKT tires and a group of 16 tough and undaunted guys including 7 drivers of the Italian Carabinieri Corps are ready to face this unforgettable experience. This is Xtractor, the sensational journey through South Africa’s unspoiled nature. The caravan will turn on their engines in April 2018 for the purpose of discovering unknown landscapes and cultures, highlighting at the same time a sector of crucial importance for the entire planet, namely agriculture. Do you love challenges as we do? So, let’s find out all stages of this adventure journey!

A splendid itinerary

Breathtaking landscapes, wild natural reserves and desert beaches bathed by the ocean… In this second expedition, Xtractor will take the audience to the great national parks populated by the Big Five, the vast vineyards of the Cape Winelands, and not least to the escarpment of the Drakensberg, the Mountain of Dragon,  in Lesotho reaching a height of 3,482 meters above sea level. The caravan will then move towards the sub-tropical coast of KwaZulu-Natal, the immense Karoo semi-desert, the locations on the Garden Route and not least Swaziland. This and much more will be faced by the people aboard 3 off-road vehicles and 4 latest-generation McCormick tractors with over 1,000 overall horsepower – the latter fitted with BKT tires that are always at the forefront when it is about facing extreme tracks and exciting missions.

A challenge “for the good”

Folks, however, this is about much more than marvelous places and adrenaline. This new edition also stands out for its humanitarian approach: the docu-reality show’s caravan will indeed be involved in farming projects of local communities that need any possible aid for economic development. To give evidence for the program’s “good” side is the cooperation between Xtractor and Amref, one of the largest non-profit health organizations at international level. Besides, the team will be led by the Italian Carabinieri Corps belonging to the Commando Force Unit for the Protection of Forest, Environmental and Agri-food Resources and to the 1st Parachute Regiment “Tuscania”. This remarkable participation shows how the Carabinieri share the project’s core values.

As you can see, many are the reasons for which we have decided to sponsor Xtractor: solidarity initiatives, the farming theme, but of course also the demonstration of our tires’ toughness and resistance even in extreme conditions. After this adventure, overcoming the daily challenges in the so familiar agricultural field will be a piece of cake.

Discover all these fascinating places along with the excellence of the BKT tires starting from April 2018 on our social channels - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube and Instagram, as well as on the website www.xtractor.tv.

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