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Today let’s take a closer look at modern technologies, computers and software used in caves, mines and the construction industry.

Dear readers, as you well know modern technologies, computers and software are essential tools in caves, mines and the construction industry in general to ensure maximum productivity, efficiency and safety. Let’s take a closer look at the essential systems increasing both rapidity and precision in this sector.  

Software & efficiency in tunneling

A field where software and technological instruments have become particularly important is tunneling, that is the excavation of tunnels. An accurate analysis of rock and stone masses is fundamental for a safe and timely progression of operations.

Traditionally, geological mapping has always been based on a learning model on the spot along with laboratory measurements. A process that required a lot of time and gave also rise to several issues. 

Today, instead, companies avail themselves of advanced technology providing rapidly clear data along with more accurate geological information. In a flash, the software system is able to display all information on the rock and stone masses as well as and an internal view of the area to be drilled.

As you can see, this offers many advantages both speeding up the excavation operation and reducing the time of exchanging knowledge in this field.

Challenging rocks - beware!

Air drilling can be very challenging and in the presence of hydrocarbons even dangerous. Do not underestimate the risks!

However, if you use advanced technology respecting the laws of nature, in addition to an economic advantage, the risk of human mistake can be minimized as well as equipment losses or injuries.

Not so long ago, the thought of intelligent instruments and equipment able to immediately react to different rock formations, temperatures and pressures were mere fantasy. Today, it is the first step towards industrial efficiency providing speed and precision on the one hand, and limiting hazards for operators on the other.

The use of IT instead of approximate mechanical technologies is a considerable improvement, catching up with the challenges of Industry 4.0.

Technology is digging up in the underground, too. What’s your opinion?

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