The future is here and BKT is E-READY

The future is here and BKT is E-READY

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The electric mobility transition is an unstoppable trend in every segment, also in agriculture, earth-moving and construction where BKT tires operate.
BKT is indeed “E-ready” and now features tires suitable for electric vehicles using advanced technologies. These products, specifically designed, are recognizable by the new E-READY logo.

The first tire range to be E-READY is AGRIMAXFACTOR - BKT's all-new 70 series designed for tractors and launched at last SIMA - though the logo will be extended to all products in this category in the future.

This is indeed just the beginning of a path toward delivering solutions suitable for electric mobility. It is also the symbol of BKT's commitment to sustainability, through research and investment.

Tires intended for an electric vehicle are very different from traditional ones and therefore designers have to take into account various factors:

  • Weight - Electric vehicles weigh more because their batteries may be adding up to 30% extra weight, something that really affects the work of the tire.  
  • Electric motors - A few additional differences include the ability to "withstand" higher drive torque, especially at the start. This means that it is absolutely necessary to revisit the tire's bead structure to ensure better grip on the rim, especially during acceleration. The tread must also be optimized, both in terms of design and compound.  
  • Autonomy - If the tires mounted on an electric vehicle are inadequate, they can cause significant energy losses, since rolling resistance can contribute as much as 20 percent of the vehicle's energy consumption. It is thus necessary to adapt the tread compound, tread pattern, and also the particular sidewall structure.
  • Noise - Tires should have different tread patterns and compound compositions, both natural and synthetic. Size also significantly contributes to a tire's quietness. 

The future is already here and BKT is more than ready to offer tires that meet the needs of the users of today and tomorrow.

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