BKT gets in the game again with rugby world cup and the Farming Simulator 1

BKT gets in the game again with rugby world cup and the Farming Simulator

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Yes, it’s true! Two new sporting adventures are about to begin.

BKT is the new Official Tire Supplier of the next Rugby World Cup that will be held in France in 2023.

BKT has become famous for its commitment and support in sports world, but this collaboration between BKT and the Rugby World Cup goes well beyond sport.

The two share a very important element: they are both really close to communities and local territories.

This prestigious tournament will bring the brand in the homes of rugby lovers and fans all over the world. In the last edition more than 850 million viewers have been watching the event. An impressive audience guided by passion!


BKT also gets in Farming Simulator 22, the famous videogame that now includes five different BKT tires to virtually equip tractors and agricultural machinery, i.e.:

BKT really believes in this game as a great opportunity to get closer to the general public and to make people more aware about agriculture. Especially younger generations.

This is why BKT arranged the BKT Farming Simulator Challenge involving seven Farming Simulator talents. In a series of skills tests, participants will have to prepare a field, sow it, harvest it and sell all in the shortest possible time and thus earn the title of best virtual farmer.

To do so the company will collaborate with some of the best Farming Simulator players: 

  • Killercroc88 from Italy
  • Arikson and mradamo from Poland
  • Starkpanzer and Makam from Hungary
  • En3rgie5 from France
  • Cornhub representing the German-speaking area
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