With these BKT tires you will dominate the mud!

With these BKT tires you will dominate the mud!

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Do you dread navigating the aftermath of wet weather? To avoid the challenges of slippery soil, explore our range of rain-resistant tires!

Every farmer has experienced the challenges that arise when driving on muddy and wet terrain. Next time it rains, you do not have to worry. BKT has a range of tires that provide great grip in slippery soils.

Let the tires do the dirty work! BKT has developed a range of tires to get you through the mud.

There are several criteria you need to look for when choosing the right tire for muddy conditions. Firstly, it must provide good traction on soft and slippery terrain. The tire should also clean itself quickly. Lastly, it must also be resistant to tearing and offer maximum driving control.

Designed to tackle muddy difficulties

Are off road tires good in the rain? What is the easy way to clean off road tires? Do I need to replace the tires when it rains? The concerns that arise when driving on muddy grounds are many. BKT has designed tires to tackle the muddy everyday challenges.

These tires have a deeper tread design, with higher and more spaced blocks. This feature provides greater grip, so that you get through the mud. Simultaneously, the wider spacing helps self-cleaning, which is extremely important when working on muddy terrains.

Mud tires for every application

Tractors, sprinklers, telescopic handlers – there is a vast number of agricultural machines that work on slippery grounds. BKT has developed specific ranges of tires, so that you can dominate the mud with any agricultural machinery:


AGRIMAX ELOS is designed for tractors that operate on wet and marshy grounds. Perhaps you are operating on a rice field, or in a similarly difficult terrain? Then, AGRIMAX ELOS is the perfect tire for you! This agricultural tire’s design ensures excellent traction even in the most complex working condition and has great self-cleaning features thanks to the extra deep tread. The sidewalls of the tire have protective curbs for maximum protection against damage.

Pivot irrigators

AGRIMAX RI 818 and TR 117 are both developed for the pivot irrigators that work in the mud. And what pivot sprinkler doesn’t work in the mud? In addition to ensuring excellent traction in fields with wet and humid conditions, both tires have great self-cleaning properties.


What about multifunctional telehandlers, a machine that is often faced with wet and humid soils? For this application, CON STAR ensures great performance in any condition. This is thanks to the large crampons that increase the contact area with the ground below. Not only does this tire have a cut-and-chip resistant compound providing strength and durability, but it also has a diagonal pattern design that prevents lateral slippage.


If you have any questions regarding using tires in wet and muddy conditions, BKT’s experts are here to assist you. No matter what application - with the correct BKT tire, you will dominate the mud!

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