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The BKT Show: let us entertain you!

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When BKT decides to participate in a trade fair, no stone is left unturned. Discover BKT's marketing activities during the main international trade shows

When BKT decides to participate in a trade fair, no stone is left unturned. We go all out and give our all, as it is our chance to present new products, increase BKT brand awareness and have direct exchanges with market stakeholders and BKT users.

That’s why we never overlook big international agricultural and construction trade shows. Just in the last few months, we presented our products at SIMA, one of the largest agri-business shows, and INTERMAT, a major exhibition for construction machinery and earthmoving equipment.

Those of you who participated in these events could not have missed us! Setting up and implementing a 360° communication strategy is our focus. At trade shows, not only do we put together first-class booths, but we give away marketing gadgets and organize a lot of recreational activities as well.

BKT takes Paris

Last February’s SIMA show in Paris is a perfect example of BKT’s signature trade fair style.

Visibility was paramount - it was virtually impossible not to see us! Billboards displaying our new advertising campaign met visitors upon entering the pavilions and accompanied them all the way through the expo center, directly to the BKT stand! Our advertising campaign was virtually splashed everywhere; outdoors, we hung more than 100 billboards along the hallways and walkways, leading from one pavilion to the next.  Dozens of BKT scrolling rolls animated the central square, along with three huge panels that decorated the cube in the center of the exhibition center and other visuals at hall entrances. And indoors… we were in the hands of every visitor: our logo was printed on tickets to the event as well as maps and expo catalogs. You could not have helped getting a glimpse of us!

Our booth was a real show in every sense of the word! We opted for a large open space - 360 square meters to be exact – where we had all the amenities including small meeting rooms, reception area, refreshment area and lounges. We even set up a stage complete with a giant multimedia screen and video stations where we filmed the daily BKT shows. In short, professional equipment for real entertainers!

Have we forgotten anything? - Of course! We didn’t mention that our AG tires were also on display.

Onto the technology piece! Throughout the day, an enormous, 15-meter maxi-screen ran video presentations, photos and short clips of BKT tires at work, production sites and our fantastic staff.

We also presented our new augmented reality APP, “More BKT”, that visitors were able to download on their smartphones and tablets for free. The app provides more detailed product information, and all you had to do was zoom in on one of the tires at the show with your camera in order to view features and access multimedia content and videos of the tire in action.

Essentially, we transformed our booth into a real theater where the BKT Show went on and on! Colin Nell and Noel Battle, two famous football freestylers, entertained audiences every day with their awesome dribbling and acrobatic moves. At the end of each performance, audience members received a BKT soccer ball - a gadget that has made us famous around the world. In fact, more than 17,000 balls we distributed at the SIMA fair alone!

The thousands of people walking through the pavilions with our ball in hand were hard to miss! You could say, we really got the ball rolling at SIMA - the hype created was contagious. Literally, hundreds of people filled the BKT booth to watch the football freestylers!

Why not join in? With the aim of involving audience members, Colin and Noel invited volunteers on stage to perform their own dribbling moves!

If you missed the show in Paris, here are some of the highlights!

See you at the next trade fair...well, BKT Show!

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