Dear readers, do you remember our recent trip to India? We’ve left you in Bhuj, where BKT’s latest and most innovative production site is located. We’ve made a virtual tour through some divisions and facilities. In particular, we’ve gazed at the cutting-edge machinery and equipment, the state-of-the-art R&D Center, and the modern outdoor testing track.

However, the Bhuj production site offers much more: It’s actually a brilliant example of a “social factory” hosting a housing colony for those who work in the company and their families. Well, let’s continue our tour, you won’t believe your eyes!

Bhuj: where business sense and social commitment merge

“People are the main source of growth and success for any Company.” Mr. Arvin Poddar, BKT’s Chairman and Managing Director, says. Of course, productivity and greater profit margins are important. On the other hand, and behind the hard work, BKT has always been showing a big heart taking particular care of each staff member.

Today, more than ever, BKT is committed to social responsibility and sustainable growth, focusing on people and their well-being, bearing always in mind an adequate working pace as well as paying special attention towards the reduction of waste and environmental matters. A wholehearted commitment which day by day turns into concrete actions and behavior, just like the setting up of the new Bhuj plant.

In addition to the company’s production and working areas, the Bhuj site offers many facilities for the whole community such as a hospital, a fire station, a large recreation center, a school, a guest house and many more leisure activities.  It’s a small town - founded on both ethical and social values, set up with the aim of catering for the well-being of all those living there.

These fundamental values are deeply rooted in the company’s history. BKT’s business philosophy starts from the production processes with reduced environmental impact, and is then reflected in the working environment and the community.

Without any doubt, we are talking of a noble and sensitive attitude - aiming at becoming a role model for other companies for providing a better future to the coming generations.

As you can see, Bhuj is a landmark, isn’t it? Find out more on the BKT website

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