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Today we'll talk about Star Trac, the perfect tire for harvesters in cotton fields that combines care for the land and high load capacity.

Dear readers, who better than you may know that there is a specific farming tire for each variety of soil, and tilling operations. Actually, the choice of the proper tire can considerably increase the efficiency and productivity of your farm!

Today we’re going to tell you the story of a perfect match between cotton harvesting and BKT’s Star Trac tire. Star Trac is the perfect tire for harvesters in cotton fields. Let’s take a closer look!

Star Trac: the ideal partner for your cotton farm

Cotton plantations can be especially found in China, the USA and in desert countries, where land is irrigated. There, you can find the typical middle-sized shrubs with fragile stems. Harvesting in cotton fields requires tire features like excellent floatation and reduced soil compaction.

In this particular application, Star Trac combines care for the land and high load capacity in other words: a strong but gentle tire.

Thanks to its particularly deep tread design, Star Trac ensures excellent traction in the fields and outstanding performance during road transfers.

Another important feature of this tire is its high resistance. Star Trac has been engineered with a special compound that is highly resistant to impacts, cuts, punctures and all typical damages of this application.

What do you think about it? Would you like to try it?

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