Here comes BKT’s superhero: Piero Torassa!
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Here comes BKT’s superhero: Piero Torassa!

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Even BKT has its own Super Hero, actually a Working Hero. His name is Piero Torassa, and he works as a BKT Field Engineer. Discover more:

Yes, you heard right – superheroes really exist! We even have our own at BKT. His name is Piero Torassa, and he works as a BKT Field Engineer.

Piero is always on the go, with his suitcase full of technical tools. He travels thousands of kilometers to collect the witness accounts of BKT users, test the conditions of the tires and report it all back to the BKT R&D Center in India. He does all this to be able to return to the customers with improved products that match their needs perfectly.

What makes him a superhero, you might be asking yourself? Well, to do this job requires experience, skills and relentless passion and dedication. Piero’s superpower is making BKT users happy and satisfied with their tires.

Piero Torassa hard at work inspecting a BKT tire.

Working heroes like Piero might not be the ones that get the most attention. They blend in, performing their role so well that it might be easy to forget the work they do. That’s why we wanted to honor our heroes, by making the online TV series “Working Hero”. The show, starring Piero Torassa, is produced by Bauma, and dedicated to the real heroes of the construction industry – a highly specialized sector where charisma and competence makes all the difference.

The episode follows Piero at the Carrara quarry in Italy, as he meets the user of a BKT-equipped loader who has a specific request and wants to have tires with an even stronger compound to deal with highly rugged ground. After the necessary analyses and tests, Piero flies to India, where he goes to the BKT R&D Centre in Bhuj and meets with the team of experts who propose a solution to the customer's request. That’s all we’re telling you though. To know what happens next, you’ll have to watch the episode!

When we talk about construction and earthmoving, we nearly always mention the large machines that fascinate and captivate everyone's imagination because of their size and power, but let's not forget that there are brilliant minds behind all that – the superheroes in the sector. People like Piero.

Watch the episode:

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