The many advantages of Cyclic Field Operations

The many advantages of Cyclic Field Operations

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We all know that reducing soil compaction is good for harvesting, in terms of both quality and results. Today, VF and IF tires are the best response to all soil compaction issues, but there is one solution that is even one step ahead.

It’s Cyclic Field Operations (CFO), a special marking for IF or VF drive-wheel tires that identifies products developed for agricultural machinery employed in cyclical field operations. This is especially the case of combine harvesters during the harvest stage or trailers transporting cereals.

Normally, an IF radial tire is able to withstand more than 20% of the load compared to a standard radial tire, but with the CFO marking it can withstand even more than 55% of the load without increasing the inflation pressure.

Another important advantage of this special marking is that CFO tires are particularly suitable for wet or muddy field conditions during harvest season, thanks to a larger footprint on the ground and additional flotation ability.

All these characteristics make CFO products a key-instrument for farmers to increase efficiency and productivity.

This is why BKT already offers four different AGRIMAX products with the CFO marking:

AGRIMAX FORCE, developed for combine harvesters or high-power tractors for harvesting, transport, and tillage operations, has 21 IF sizes with CFO marking.

AGRIMAX TERIS and AGRIMAX RT 600, both conceived for high-power harvesters and spreaders, are also available in 6 IF sizes with CFO marking.

Finally, AGRIMAX V-FLECTO, designed to optimize the performance of high-power, next-generation tractors, is available in two VF sizes.

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