BKT and LaLiga renew their partnership 1
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BKT and LaLiga renew their partnership

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BKT has decided without hesitation to continue the partnership with LaLiga as Official Global Partner till the end of season 2024/2025. A sport adventure started in 2019 that took BKT to all homes at every corner of the world along with the football spectacle.

Because LaLiga is the most followed championship in the world, a competition with a global reach that stands for talent and prestige. And it is also a vehicle of incredible emotions.

The partnership between BKT and LaLiga is based on shared values, where fair play is heard and felt both within and without the stadiums.  
BKT and LaLiga are actually united by the will of spreading sports culture based on respect for people and opponents, on commitment and determination, on taking up challenges, on perseverance and consistency, and last but not least on team working.

This is far beyond a simple marketing operation, the partnership renders instead joint and mutual inspiration.
This alliance creates a new common language for both BKT and LaLiga, reaching increasingly large communities through the power of sport.

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