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Discover the world of Monster Jam: huge Monster Trucks facing off in freestyle competitions showing extraordinary acrobatic skills in thrilling stunts.

Over the last few weeks (months, that is!), we have talked about Monster Jam and the tires we designed for these monstrous vehicles that perform extraordinary and breathtaking stunts.

You will certainly remember that at the last Agritechnica show, we set up a real Monster Stand taking a giant Monster Truck from the legendary Grave Digger team directly to Hannover! Visitors had the opportunity to climb on board and take home a Hot Wheels model of the giant four-wheel truck, complete with BKT tires, of course.

We’re here today to give you some insights into the world of Monster Jam. In most shows Monster Trucks face off in two different competitions: racing and freestyle where pilot and Monster Truck have a limited amount of time to demonstrate their extraordinary acrobatic skills in thrilling stunts. Jaw-dropping feats leave audiences and judges stunned as the Monster Trucks make their way around (and through) cars, buses, boats and airplane parts set up in the arena. Using these obstacles as springboards and launch pads, Monster Trucks leap over, turn upside down and defy the laws of gravity and physics, pushing their limits above and beyond.

How are score points tallied?

During the Freestyle competition, the jury scores each performance according to the:

  • variety of tricks (acrobatics and jumps): points are awarded for each trick performed;
  • number of obstacles hit during the performance: the more obstacles hit = the more points scored;
  • element of surprise or "wow" factor: an almost impossible unexpected trick;
  • saves: when the pilot completes a trick properly, avoiding collision or flipping over;
  • sequential combination of numerous tricks.

Penalties are called if:

  • tricks fail or end in a crash;
  • vehicles flip;
  • there are interruptions - performance  should be uninterrupted during the 90 seconds allotted.

The most famous tricks

The most famous tricks? Here they are!

  • Case It: when a Monster Truck hits the obstacles in the arena with its lowest part;
  • Donut: when a Monster Truck spins in circles in one spot on the floor;
  • Pass: a complete run across the obstacles;
  • Pogo: when a Monster Truck comes down hard after a jump and bounces on the rear tires;
  • Riding the Wave: a controlled landing, bouncing back on the front wheels;
  • Wheelie: when the driver runs the Monster Truck on its rear wheels, lifting the front end;
  • Sky Wheelie: even more breathtaking than an ordinary Wheelie as the Monster Truck stands straight up with the front tires at a 90° angle;
  • Slap Wheelie: two back-to-back wheelies - after finishing the first wheelie, the Monster Truck goes back into the air to execute the second one;
  • Front Flip and Back Flip: somersaults - full 360° forward and backward spins in the air.

The first Front Flip ever accomplished by a Monster Truck equipped with BKT tires took place last June. In front of 50,000 fans at New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey (US), the eleven-time world champion, Tom Meents, made history. A real master stunt!

As you can see in the video, the Monster Truck lands after a full rotation on four wheels and then launches into another spin. Breathtaking, right?

Photo Credits © 2015 FELD MOTOR SPORTS, INC.

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