Made in BKT: Agrimax RT 855

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Let's meet Agrimax RT 855, our agricultural tire mainly designed for soil tillage and both field and road transport.

We are back again to talk about another member from the Agrimax tire family, BKT’s tire lineup designed to make your life in the fields more comfortable.

Agrimax RT 855 has been mainly designed for soil tillage and field and road transport but some sizes are also suitable for row crops, spraying, and vineyard harvesting.

But let’s take a closer look! Three are the key words for Agrimax RT 855: comfort, reliability and versatility. All these features are embodied in a single tire.


If you say that a tire offers maximum comfort, this has nothing to do with having “fun on board” and means much more than just enjoying a ride. Ask a hundred farmers working hours and hours in the fields every day, and each of them will tell you his/her story of having a backache or other pain after a long day on the job. Agrimax RT 855 features excellent comfort properties - a true advantage for every farmer’s back, so that they will enjoy more wellbeing.


It doesn’t matter, which job you are doing. One important feature you need is traction. The special structure and tread design of Agrimax RT 855 provide excellent traction and durability to enhance your yield.


Last but not least, Agrimax RT 855 has excellent self-cleaning properties that allow for a quick change from field operations to road usage. No matter if you are tilling the soil, spraying row crops, or harvesting your vineyard, you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Agrimax RT 855 is available in many different sizes, some of them are perfect for row crops, harvesting and spraying. Discover all sizes and applications on our website.


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