Made in BKT: Airomax AM 27

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Learn more about AIROMAX AM 27, BKT's radial tire designed for mobile cranes at construction sites and mainly employed in load handling activities on road surfaces

We are back again today to give you some insights into one of our industrial tires. Let’s move to the world of construction, a sector for which we have developed several tire ranges.

One of these is  the outstanding Airomax AM 27 – a BKT tire designed for mobile cranes at construction sites that we presented during the Intermat trade show in Paris earlier this year.


Airomax AM 27’s main feature is high speed. As to its E mark for speed rating, the tire can actually reach 70 km/h (43.5 mph) at full load providing excellent stability at the same time.

In addition to excellent traction and maneuverability, the tire is ideal for load handling even under tough conditions ensuring a high level of driving comfort.

Last but not least, we shouldn’t forget to mention its extraordinary heat resistance providing greater durability and efficiency not only to tires, but also the vehicles.

One thing you could do is watch it operating. Wouldn’t you like to try it out?

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