Welcome back, dear farmer friends! Today we are talking about vineyards and row crops, focusing on a very special row crop tire: Agrimax RT 945. Delicate and friendly to the soil. Let’s see why!

Taking care of your crops

Soil and yield protection is one of the main features of Agrimax RT 945. The BKT tire has been specially designed for row crop applications, spraying, and vineyard harvesting, and is ideal for both sprayers and harvesters.

The narrow tread pattern enables the tire to move easily and lightly among the rows without damaging the crops, limiting by this way one of the most dangerous enemies of your land, namely soil compaction. 

Moreover, its outstanding self-cleaning properties make this tire perfect for changing easily and fast from field usage to road transfers. All this turns into significant time savings. And of course...time is money!

Excellent traction, extraordinary stability and exceptional durability complete the picture of this amazing tire, which is in some sizes suitable for utility tractors in municipality and maintenance applications, too. Careful and gentle to crops, agile and sprightly in every situation!

What do you think? Agrimax RT 945 deserves the first place, doesn’t it? Find out more on the BKT website!