Today we are presenting you another member of the Agrimax family, BKT’s tire lineup designed for the most particular needs of modern farmers.

We’re talking about Agrimax RT 955, BKT’s radial tire specially developed for row crow applications, spraying and vineyard harvesting. Let’s take a look at its profile!

A tire designed to protect your field

BKT designs and offers a wide range of products engineered down to the smallest detail in order to preserve delicate crops, and to enable delicate operations in vineyards and orchards.

Among these products Agrimax RT 955 stands out for its manifold applications! We’ve already revealed how perfect this tire is for row crow applications, vineyard harvesting and, to some extent depending on the size, even for spraying.

A tire with many outstanding qualities ensuring great stability, optimum traction, excellent self-cleaning properties and a constant but delicate contact to the land. All these features provide the highest performance especially in row crow applications.

Thanks to its high load capacity and excellent flotation features, Agrimax RT 955 reduces soil compaction and protects soil fertility, preserving delicate crops from possible damages.

Light and delicate on the land, Agrimax RT 955 protects your fields!

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