As the saying goes...when the going gets tough the tough get going! A perfect concept that fully suits the BKT product we are going to introduce you: Earthmax SR 25, the All Steel radial tire, which ensures excellent strength and stability even in the most demanding operating conditions.

The perfect choice for mining and construction applications

Thanks to its extraordinary durability and resistance Earthmax SR 25 is the perfect tire for the industrial and OTR sectors.

Indeed, it has been specifically designed for motor graders and loaders operating in the most severe road construction and mining applications. Challenging environments, where operations can easily become critical if you haven’t made the right choice.                                                                                     

Earthmax SR 25 is a tire you can bet anything on! Why that, you ask? Because its features fully meet all the specific operating needs.

Let’s take a closer look at its qualities.

  •  All Steel casing

Its peculiar structure allows an excellent load distribution on the ground and lends extraordinary resistance to the casing. Whenever the risk of puncture or damages is particularly high, Earthmax SR 25 is the solution you are looking for: it’s super resistant and it protects equipment and operators from many hazards or machine downtime.  

  • Non-directional tread design

Earthmax SR 25 ensures all the comfort operators need even when operations get tough. The non-directional tread design actually provides excellent traction, stability on any terrain along with extraordinary self-cleaning properties.

  • Durability

Earthmax SR 25’s All Steel casing guarantees maximum robustness and strength. This results in an extended tire life with an excellent return on your investment.

Ideal for loaders, motor graders and dozers, Earthmax SR 25 stands for power, durability and stability in road construction and mining applications.

A really tenacious fellow this tire, don’t you agree with us? Discover more on our website