Welcome back dear friends! Here we are today with another extraordinary member of the BKT tire family: FL 252, an outstanding player for the industrial sector, especially in logistics where forklifts hold the stage, is ready to enter the field. But what are its distinctive features? Let’s find out together!

The best choice for logistics

Nowadays forklifts, as we all know, are exposed to many critical conditions: mechanical stress and heavy-duty cycles - operations in which tires play a fundamental role.

To win the game, FL 252 brings in stability, extreme durability, and extraordinary resistance to cuts and tears. Let’s take a close-up:

  • Stability. This is definitely FL 252’s great plus. The specific tread pattern enables this tire to well adhere on the ground, especially during lifting operations, ensuring best safety and excellent performance.
  • Durability. When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Extremely resistant and offering an extended life cycle, FL 252 shows off in the most demanding and challenging operating conditions, facing and overcoming any adversity.
  • Resistance to cuts and tears. Logistics means hard operating conditions. Tires must be able to withstand a fast working pace, ensuring at the same time excellent resistance against cuts and tears, which are common hazards on site.

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Made in BKT: FL 252 2