What’s the best solution for transporting heavy loads over short distances, and for haul trucks employed in the toughest conditions in harsh environments?

It’s a very easy riddle. And all those, who know BKT well, have already solved it. Oh no, has it slipped your mind? Don’t worry, because today we’re unveiling all the secrets of this powerful ally in the OTR sector.

Mystery solved: here comes Rock Grip E4!

Rock Grip E is the ideal tire for operating in the most challenging and demanding conditions especially in quarries and open-pit mine applications. Let’s have a look at the main features of this extraordinary tire!

  • Extra deep tread

Rock Grip E-4 has a particularly deep and aggressive tread specially designed to face the toughest situations. This feature ensures a considerably longer tire life-cycle, and great many working hours. In a word: highest performance.

  • Heavy duty

The sturdiness of this tire is a cure-all for OTR environments such as caves and quarries where unexpected events and dangers are waiting at any corner. Rock Grip E4 is the perfect solution and a really reliable tire for heavy-duty operations and short-haul transport on site. 

  • Resistance

Resistance is a must! No longer are heat and punctures a nightmare if using Rock Grip E4. Actually, this tire ensures maximum efficiency and long durability whenever your task is transporting heavy loads.

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