Choosing a tire is not an easy job! No need to worry – BKT experts are here for you!

Choosing a tire is not an easy job! No need to worry – BKT experts are here for you!

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What tire is the correct tire to choose? There are a lot of tires in the BKT catalogue. In this blog, BKT experts guide you through how to select the right tire for your specific needs.

You can have the best equipment in the world, but without knowledge it is of little worth. This is even more true for tires, which are many, very different and very technological. Therefore, BKT experts are here to assist you. And remember: for our experts, no question is wrong – ever!

Ask all kinds of questions

How do tractor tire sizes work? Are tractor tires tubeless? What is a bias tire? How much does a tractor tire weigh? How do you put water in tractor tires? Why are tractor tires so big? How do you fix cracked tractor tires?

There is no limit to the kinds of questions BKT tire experts receive every day! And all of them are excellent questions they are happy to answer.

When selecting the right tire for your machinery, you are making a serious investment. In the process, questions can absolutely arise. For many users it proves to be a real challenge – even for those who have long experience and expertise on the field.

Trust the experts

Choosing the right tire is such an important issue because you want the machinery to perform its best at all times. Using the wrong tire for your machinery leads to a waste of resources, time, and consumption.

Using an unsuitable tire can also lead to unwanted consequences, such as having to replace it early. This naturally leads to costs and vehicle downtime.

Everyone wants to avoid this, right? That is also the goal of our experts!

No tool can replace an expert

For those who prefer to learn about the different tires independently, or perhaps want to do some research themselves in advance, they can definitely explore BKT agriculture, industrial and earthmoving sections. Here, it is possible to consult the tire models and the most suitable sizes for each operation.

However, this is just a general indicator. We strongly believe that no tool or magical formula can replace the know-how of an expert.

Sometimes, there may be some products that are more suitable for an application than others. Or there might be tire technologies that could be relevant for your job. Your habits, your goals, the soil and the conditions of use can influence a lot the choice of the tire that can best meet your needs.  And all these kinds of factors – and many more – are examples of insights that only an expert can have.

Direct dialogue with the end-user

The world may be technological, but the need for people and their insight will always remain. The experts’ experience and know-how can find a solution to every single case and request.

At BKT we don’t underestimate the importance of direct dialogue with users. Not only can it give them the answers they need, but it can also generate new research and development of products and solutions. In other words, a win-win situation.

Are you a farmer, a factory owner, a gardener – or any another of our many appreciated end-users? Then, we want you to know that you can contact us and rely on our experts. They are here solely to help you.

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